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CIVD (Centralized and Integrated Vendor Database)

Refer to Pedoman Tata Kerja no. PTK-007/SKKO0000/2015/S0 Chapter VI Sub-Article 5.5 concerning List of Qualified Suppliers Goods/Services, starting January 1st, 2017, for the purpose of verification to the Suppliers of Goods/Services to be efficient and effective, TEPI Procurement Committee encourages the Suppliers of Goods/Servicess to attach the SPDA (Sertifikat Pengganti Dokumen Administrasi) document which is issued through CIVD (Centralized and Integrated Vendor Database) application of SKK Migas. This SPDA document will become a complimentary document to the other mandatory qualification document that shall be submitted for current SKTPM process.

Please upload SPDA in Procurement Committee Website tab Administration/Legal item no.8. For SKTPM with Valid status, please click request for update and put remark to upload SPDA. For SKTPM with status update invalid, new and new process invalid please upload SPDA and complete your SKTPM document then go to submission menu to send qualification data.  

If you do not have any SPDA, please apply through CIVD application program. Detail information regarding SPDA and CIVD is available at


Prohibition on the giving of "Gift & Favors" to TOTAL E&P INDONESIE employee



SKTPM Update 2016

Financial Report 2016 and Tax 2016 should be uploaded in sheet 2016. Please click "Add New" and input date of Financial Report 31-Dec-2016 and Tax 2016 then "Save".  Do not replace Financial Report dan Tax Document of 2015.


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